The most important thing, I suppose, was that Joe didn’t think it was crazy.

Though, to be fair, we didn’t really have a whole lot going on.

In the summer of 2020, we hadn’t yet formed Trestle Collective, and though we both had work, it was rather inconsistent in its nature. As such, we had some down time, and that down time led to me thinking up things I’d like to write. I’d sketch out an outline, think of places to pitch the idea and then just start cold-calling editors to see if they’d like whatever particular piece was swirling around in my head.

The thing is … there aren’t many publications, traditional or online, that are really seeking a 2,500-word oral history of a high school basketball game in Augusta, Ga. in 1995. It didn’t matter how strongly I conveyed the unique storylines in this piece or how it featured four future professional basketball players or how elements of this game were seemingly lost because it occurred in a time before social media. 

But I wanted to tell that story. And if I couldn’t find a place to publish it, I figured I’d just create one. 

So I pitched Joe the idea of creating Beyond The Trestle.

This typically is where he would step in and say “hey bud, let’s slow down.”

He didn’t do that. Instead, he began firing story ideas back my way.

Within a month, we had a spreadsheet full of ideas and a website that was up and running. Our readership grew and our Patreon numbers swelled, and it was a blast.

The good news is we got busy. The bad news is we got busy.

While seeing Trestle Collective grow has been so tremendously rewarding, connecting us with wonderful clients and allowing us to collaborate with talented team members, it has impacted our ability to write for BTT. After sharing stories weekly through part of 2021, that has tapered off dramatically, and we’re sorry.

We’re committed to changing that moving forward. Trestle Collective may pay our bills, but BTT is our passion. And if we’re not pursuing our passion in these challenging times then what’s the point? As such, we’re going to work to create at least one story a month with goals of more than that.

To accomplish this, Joe and I are not only focusing on writing more, but we’re also excited to announce that we’re bringing on someone who not only will contribute to Trestle Collective, but also to BTT. Thomas Ehlers is a recent graduate of the University of Georgia and is a part-time reporter at the Oglethorpe Echo. He’s young, eager to learn and a strong writer, and we’re thrilled to give him the chance to flex his storytelling muscles.

So forgive our hiatus, and thanks for your patience and your support. 

We’ve got some good stories to tell, and we’re gonna do better.

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Johnathan McGinty has worked in sports journalism and sports public relations for the past 20 years. If there's an opportunity to put together an oral history on something, he'll find a way to do it.